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Asphaltgold ID Authentication System

One Login across all touchpoints

Your customers login is the most precious point of contact for your systems – our ID system creates a harmonized and secure login experience, even when moving from Magento to Shopify.




Shopify Plus



Concept & UX

Strategy Consulting

Concept & UX

Shopify Plus

Strategy Consulting


The Challenge

A number of different systems use the customer e-mail as an identifier across services. Our challenge was to find a way to migrate customer accounts from Magento to Shopify Plus while using both systems in parallel.
We were also tasked with finding the best login and account experience for mobile App users using the Asphaltgold app.

Our Approach

We designed a system that offers a single point of authentication for all apps, websites, end-points that want to make sure the user is logged in and authenticated.
The system also offers "Sign in with Apple" and "Log in with Google" to increase the user experience and number of log ins.


Without any hiccups, we migrated hundreds of thousands of users from a legacy system to a new infrastructure. This happened completely transparent and without any need for user interaction. The percentage of guest orders dropped signifcantly as the login is convenient and quick.